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A Passion For Grouse

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Conceived, written and illustrated solely by celebrated wildlife artist Simon Gudgeon. A Passion for Grouse can be shared by anyone who cares about our country's unique wildlife.

It examines the grouse moors – how they were formed, whats keeps them going – and their inhabitants; grouse, of course, but also many other creatures which share those apparently empty landscapes. Furthermore, a look at the role of man, without whom these expanses of austere beauty would not exist. The stars of the book, however, are without doubt the paintings. To illustrate this book Simon has produced a huge body of work: it ranges from large paintings such as magnificent watercolour of a covey streaming across the heather down to the simplest sketch of a hare.

Perfectly capturing the flavour of the grouse moor and its inhabitants, this superb collection celebrates both a unique bird and a habitat that is increasingly coming under threat.